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About 6 years ago my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. It was caught very early. She had part of her lung removed with radiation and has done well from the lung up until now. She's had severe back pain for about 9 months. She finally went to the ER and a tumor was found in her spine. They did emergency surgery on her because she was going to be paralyzed. It was cancer metastasized from her lung. I asked them to do a brain MRI while she was in the hospital due to some mental changes and sure enough, it's in her brain.  She has been sent home and is doing very well from the spine surgery. She has to go for a PET scan before they plan treatment.  I'm not sure what she will agree to do. She has a lot of other ailments and is tired. She's 71. I know we're nearing the end of her journey and I'm just wondering if anyone has a similar story and/or advise? 


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    I am sorry to hear of your mom's newest battle.  I am currently still being treated for lung cancer so cannot advise you on a recurrance.  What I will share  with you is my experience with cancer in my family.  I have lost my husband, parents, and siblings to cancer.  Some fought a long hard battle, others chose no treatment.  Going through the process of cancer treatment myself, I now realize that sometimes it is just too hard to keep fighting if there is little to no chance of healing.  It is obvious you love your mom and I am sure she feels lucky to have you by her side, the best thing you can do is listen, listen to the doctors and to your mom.  Take your own feelings out of it, have an honest talk with your mom after you know what she may be facing and just be there for her and support whatever she decides is what she wants.


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    when they biopsied the spinal met they should have sent a sample for genomic testing.  It's possible they may be able to manage her cancer with a targeted therapy pill or immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy.  Perhaps she will feel stronger and more energetic now that the surgery has been done.  Pain can cause a lot of fatigue both physical and mental.  

    Where is she being seen?   If not at an NCCN center of excellence then consider getting a second opinion at one.  

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    Hi! I'm new here. I hope

    Hi! I'm new here. I hope things are going well for you. My prayers are there with you.  My friend was diagnosed with NSCLC. He's coming out of it now.