What do you do during infusions?



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    Chemo day

    Sleeping as much as possible during infusion was the easiest way. I am unusual because benydral makes me restless. But as soon as they realized that, another medication was added to make me relax. I liked taking my own comfy blanket and pillow and made myself as comfortable as possible. I took my MP3 player with music and some relaxation and meditation cds loaded. One, Fight Cancer, had me imagining zapping all those cancer cells!  Watching tv helped too. I'm infused slowly because of a reaction I had, so I'm there all day too, Connie. So, take a light lunch and some snacks just in case although I never ate much. I also take a favorite water bottle. This time I'm icing and it's a bit different. I was focusing on changing my mitts and booties. Either way, it still went fairly fast. Good luck!

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    With out a port!

    I would tell that dr No way. !  You need to be an advocate for your self. You seem to be upset about not having the port for chemo !i understand that completely !  Why do it later. Especially for 12 wkly infusions. tell them you want the port before any chemo before there is no time before your first chemo!  

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    Primavera said:


    I almost never watch TV but was interested in Elena Ferrante's books. So I started watching My Briliant Friend on HBO on my iPad. I was hooked. Then I wanted to read the 4 books, but I just downloaded the first audiobook. I know the story, so I'll be curious about the book and hopefully listening intently. A lot of her books have been made into movies, so I think I'll watch the movie, then download the audiobook. Maybe I'll love audiobooks one day!

    I hope I don't fall asleep. I fell asleep during the echocardiogram they just did. I want to be able to change the mitts and booties.

    Friends at the office were asking if they should connect through video to keep me company one hour at a time. I told them I didn't want them to see me fall asleep on their screens.

    Benadryl. I am a bit afraid of it. After this I'll probably be listing medicine in my reports from now on. I always just wrote "none." I saw there are two things already in the electronic list. Some nausea medication.

    I might try to navigate my iPad with my voice.

    I'm reading all of your experiences and that gets me better prepared. Monday I get a Savi Scout installed on a lymph node, and I think that's it until chemo day.

    Another worry: oncologist told me we were going to try this without a port. I'm freaking out about that now. She said we could always do it later, and I think oh yes...four of these will probably be ok but then I have 12 weekly infusions of Taxol. I think Cindi had that.


    Hopefully the Benadryl won't bother you.  It makes me a little sleepy but doesn't knock me out, and then the steroids woke me back up!

    With that many infusions, yes, I'd ask them why they advise no port.  I had 5 low dose infusions during radiation followed by 6 full dose treatments.  I was not icing - didn't know about it - so I was glad to have my hands free.

    Good luck!