7 Weeks Post Op - Finally went for a jog!

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Hi All,,

Just wanted to post something positive with all the sad news lately. 

I had surgery on 7/15 (with lots of pains and complications along the way)  and my goal was to be able to jog a 15 minute mile by 9/1, and a 10 minute mile by 10/1. 

Well, I finally gave it a shot today depite the discomfort and was able to do it in 14 minutes :)


This made me very happy and I hope to be at 100% in 1 month. 




  • eug91
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    Great news! But don't forget to listen to your body and don't try to push through if it tells you to take a day off. Your body's been through a lot - be patient - you'll be back to 100% in time. 


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    Take it easy though.

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    Good job.

    Good job.