Just got diagnosed with Papilary thyroid cancer - what should I expect...How long is recovery after

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Last week, I was diagnosed with Papilary thyroid cancer, and I have a mass on my thyroid, the size of a ping pong ball. I am scheduled to have a complete removal of my thyroid on the 14th of September.  I have always been very healthy, and this has been a complete shock. I started doing some research, but I wanted to chat with someone that has gone through this. I have two little girls that just started online learning, because of this pandemic, and I don't really have a good idea how long recovery time will be. My regular doctor said 6-8 weeks, my surgeon says I'll be fine in a week... which is true??? 


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    Hi there. I had my thyroid

    Hi there. I had my thyroid removed in 2018 for the same reason. Recovery was quick, No complications. I was 50 --always very active and healthy. 

    However--I was told, straight up, by my surgeon that this cancer likes to bounce around. It did. Hopefully this doesn't happen to you. One and done! My advice would be to have support and prepare mentally also. Most of all cling to Jesus. He is with you in this. I will be praying for you on Sept 14.!!

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    Hello! Thinking of you!

    Hello! Thinking of you! Tomorrow is my one year anniversary since having a total thyroidectomy for the same issue. My recovery was quick. I took two weeks off from work but could have gone back after 1. The second week was nice in terms of recovering emotionally from everything that happened. 


    Hope this helps!

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    Checking in. Did you have

    Checking in. Did you have your surgery? How are you doing??

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    I just had full thyroidectomy 10/6 and the pathology report came back showing papillary cancer. Found out yesterday, 10/13. I also had a parathyroid gland removed which has led to some complications with calcium levels. 

    I'm off work for what will be almost two weeks, and I'm thankful because now I'm mentally processing all this. Hope the original poster is recovering well.

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    I am on the same boat as you. It's great to know I'm not alone and I had symptoms but thought it might just be allergies or something to that affect. To finally be told it's cancer is scary and the doctor I had seen didn't really sympathize just told me "Yeah, everyone gets it. You'll be fine." The lack of care made me feel even worse. I am scared of what the future holds... I am thinking of you and hope your surgery and recovery go well <3 *hugs*

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    Recovery from surgery is fairly quick, I was required to take a week off of work but I could have probably worked just fine after 3 days. The recovery of getting the hormones to the correct levels to feel "normal" again is what takes a bit longer. The 6-8 week estimate is about how long it takes from starting the hormones to being at a stable measurable level to see if they guessed the right dose or if it needs adjusted.  Personally I am 10 months out from surgery and still have not recovered to the point of feeling "normal" yet but that is more then likely due to the fact that last scan I had came back as suspicious and so the Endocrinologist didn't want to adjust my meds till after the next scan so I have had to go 6 months of not quite having the right hormone levels yet due to the first scan coming back suspicious enough to wait and watch but not suspicious enough to require immediate attention. All in all recovery from surgery is really quick, while recovery from hormones varies from person to person but if they guessed even somewhat close to the correct dose then you should at least feel semi normal in tha 6-8 week time frame.

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    Papillary Thyroid Cancer BRAF positive

    I am writing on behalf of my husband. Unfortunately he had this at least 10 years ago but was never made aware.  Water under the bridge now as we have to deal with the situation.  His tumor has metastasized to his chest and abdomen.  He has been on chemo pills for 2 months now and it is shrinking the tumor.  He is scheduled for surgery in 3 weeks (October 15th)  He is starting to have side effects from the medication.  Right now he has been told to pause due to possible chemo toxicity.  Our question that we have not asked the surgeon is will the lymph nodes in the chest and abdomen also be removed?  Does anyone have any experience with this situation?  I am hoping for a miracle.  My husband is 80 years old to have to endure this type of a surgery.  We don't want his windpipe to close off so hopefully this will help.

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    A little late to the discussion… I was diagnosed with PTC in 1963 when I was 6 years old. Treatment has certainly advanced in almost 60 years. I had thyroid removal as well as a couple lymph nodes on right side of neck in three operations. Also had a couple rounds of radio iodine. Have take some form of hormone replacement ever since with no issues, usually around 150mcg a day. I have had an exceptional life for the past almost 60 years and look forward to many more. It’s just one thing to manage along the way!

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    Thank you, Still Surviving. My 22 yo daughter just found out she has PTC yesterday and your story gives me so much hope. Bless you.