New Here: Question About Gliomas

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My mom was diagnosed with a mass, presumed a glioma, on her right temporal lobe.  She has waited it out to see if it will grow.  After almost a year it grew a little and the Doctor is recommending surgical removal.  We are all distraught, of course.

Can anyone share their similar experiences?

Any feedback is appreciated.


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    My mom diagnosed with gliosarcom

    My mom is recently diagnosed with Gliosarcoma.

    She initially got seizure and was admitted to ICU. MRI revealed brain tumor presumed to be high grade gluons. We took opinions from multiple neurosurgeon. And got different responses And it wasn't concluded whether tumor is benign or malignant. size of tumor was approx 2*2*2. We decided it's better to wait than to undergo brain surgery. Doctor suggested to wait for 2 months for MRI. 
    fast forward 2 months, few days before planned MRI, my mother did not feel well and MRI was done immediatel. Tumor had grown to 4*4*4, and immediate surgery was planned.

    Now 2 months after surgery, she is about to finish radiation therapy. Doctors said chemo will not help for sarcomas.

    next MRI is suggestEd 2 months after radiation is over. I am confused as I don't know if her symptoms of dizziness, sleepiness, fatigue, weight loss etc are because of radiation side effects or because of growing tumor.

    we are told that her tumor is aggressive and treatment will not be of too much help.

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    I don't know about this particular cancer, but myself have anaplastic oligodendroglioma stage 3, rare and sneaky. Been through surgery, radiation with chemo, just started new chemo. Dizziness, fatigue, weakness, sleepiness, weight loss & fuzzy brain all are very common side effects of radiation (depends partly on extent of radiation)and can go on for months. Ditto chemo. Im currently sleeping ~10 hrs a night plus a 30-40 minute daily nap. One of your providers should be able to provide you with some guidance, but people here may give you more practical and realistic advice. No matter what, be loving, kind and supportive of each other, as often as you can. EVERYONE'S S future is uncertain, always. Getting obsessed with fear of our uncertain futures IMO robs us of our best chance to enjoy our lives today.