Bone marrow biopsy

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I am seeking information on bone marrow biopsy for my mom. She is going on 84 yrs old and is in a weakened state due to a colon resection mistake that eventually led into septic shock.


Long story make short, she endured much to correct the procedure and survived-something they didn't expect-yet she is not the same. Although,considering what she endured, doing miraculously well, thank God.

Her hemo/oncol wants to do a bone marrow biopsy to rule out multiple myeloma. 

I'm nervous about it. Ptsd from what happened to her 2 yrs ago acter her colon cancer eradication and the chain of events that happened afterwards.


I've tried to do research on elderly with frailities, and other conditions to see if it is common and safe for them to undergo tbe procedure. Little to no info out there. Can anyone help with knowledge and/or experience in this area? 





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    Thanks in advance. I'm so

    Thanks in advance. I'm so nervous for her cause last time a doc told me she will be fine and be home in a couple days she ended up 3 months hospitalized and they didnt expect her to make it, but thank god he had other plans because it was nothing short of a miracle that she survived.


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    bone marrow biopsy

    Hello Jo555,

    I have had several bone marrow biopsies. For me it was a single puncture in the hip bone to extract a marrow example. It hurts a little when they go through the bone but overall it felt like a fairly minor procedure compared to everything else I went through with multiple myeloma.  I hope she's doing well.


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    Another one?

    Since your first post was in August, I'm hoping your mom had the fairly painless, straight forward procedure with no problems.  Next week I will have my 3rd marrow draw/biopsy since Feb. 2020.  My important numbers keep rising on the blood work, but no sign yet of any myelomas in the marrow.  Last time I felt a huge relief when none were found.  I tossed all my MM literature and yelled a loud Yahoo! when I left the clinic.  But here I am again.  This time it seems pretty clear the little buggers are building their army but just haven't shown up in the marrow yet.  I, too, am going to be 84 in Jan.  It's my family asking, "What? Another one?"