Heading Home

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Hey guys

Just had my kidney drainage line pulled out (worse than the catheter coming out). If I remain stable then I am heading home tomorrow and will get my histopathology results on Wednesday. Thanks for all your support guys. It held me in times of great stress . I hope I can put this dark time behind and use this terrifying experience to better myself. Its only 3 weeks since my initial scan but it honestly like about 2 years(did anyone else get that??), such an emotional roller-coaster and in dure there is more to come. Thanks again everybody 


  • icemantoo
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    That wasn't so bad, was it?

    The worst is over, hopefully.





  • Canadian Sandy
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    Your on your way to better

    Your on your way to better days now. Wishing you the best!

  • jeffman
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    Good to hear.

    I agree about the drainage tube removal. The worst thing you can hear from a Dr. or nurse is "you're going to feel a little presure". That does not bode well.