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I am a new to the boards, and so not sure where to post this quesition- hopefully its the correct area but if not please let me know  I am a breast cancer survivor of not quite five years. I had invasive ductal carcinoma with 2 positive lymph nodes. I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and a mastectomy of the left breast. I take tamoxifen because they told me I was at high risk for recurrance. about 3 months ago I noticed a lump just below my collarbone area on the left side. I have since seen my surgeon and he ordered a CT scan of thorax with contrast. He said the lump could be a tissue necrosis or a swollen lymph node but he couildnt tell by feel. He said it is a little over 1cm. He since called and told me the results of the CT doesnt look worrisome but he wants to do a biopsy just to be sure. I guess I should have asked more in depth questions when I had him on the phone. Due to Covid situation and his busyness of schedule with emergencies, my biopsy appt has been postponed a couple times. I go back to see him Sept 3 for a biopsy that he said he would do in the office.  My question is this: if the CT doesnt seem worrisome, why do I need a biopsy? When I had my initial cancer, I went from x-ray, to biopsy,  to surgery in about 2 weeks span. So im thinking that this lump is probably not a big deal, at least Im hoping that. Anyone had this experience of a lump right below the collar bone on the mastectomy side? if so, what did it turn out to be, or any ideas what it could possible be? any input is greatly appreciated. 


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    Input requested

    Hi Lisa.

    I have not had what you are experiencing, but I recommend you follow your doctor's suggestion and have the biopsy.  Then you'll know what it is! Smile  If you don't, you'll always have that little niggling doubt in the back of your mind.  No one else's experience matters.  Best of luck!