New here, and scared to death (please help)

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I had some routine labs done two weeks ago and my total protein was flagged as high and calcium was borderline high.

Total protein: 8.6

Calcium: 10.2


I then did repeat blood work this week.

Total protein 8.4

Calcium: 10.3

CBC panel normal. Hematology panel normal.


Dr wants me to get blood work Monday to "rule out" multiple myeloma. I am beside myself with worry. I had Googled multiple myeloma a few weeks ago and apparently, both protein and calcium levels rise with this type of cancer?

I won't have the results back for 7-10 days after getting the blood work done. I have been crying all morning. Someone please help...I don't know where to turn. :(


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    Just an idea...

    Kidney failure can cause you to spill protein in your urine and calcium levels can be high as well. I only know this because I am stage 5 End Stage Renal disease. You may have MM as being tested or it could be something else. The blood tests will tell and especially if doc performs a renal panel. I hope everything works out for you! :)

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    I hope it turned out okay

    Hello KP70,

    I hope your test came back negative. If not, I went through radiation, chemo and a bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma and I'm here to tell you it will be alright. You can do it. Stay relaxed, hydrated and let the doctors take care of the cancer while you eat well and love on yourself and family.