Complex Renal Cyst Help please.

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Okay, so we found out I have Prostate Cancer .. that's on going, 2/b honest. 

But during this process, "suddenly" and MRI I am told I have:

JULY 23, 2020

3. Several Complex Renal Cysts.

Now as of April 19, 2020 I only had ( at that time ) 1 Simple Renal Cyst. No followup needed.

So obviously something changed in just a a few months. My doctor (Urologist) is a good doctor, just that his bedside manners sucks some and so does his ability to STOP LISTEN ... So I'm trying to get some input, so I know just how hard to "push" this with him, as I know it will seriously ANNOY him. LOL ....  I cannot change now, because he is the doctor that did the Prostate Biopsy and Cancer Followup and such.

I've done some homework and basically the jest of what I have read is - These should not be really ignored or 'bushed off" so to speak.

HISTORY - I do have Prostate Cancer. I also have been told I have to have more "frequent" Colonoscopies due to too many pulyps found and they were "pre-cancer" type.

The L-Kidney ( where the Complex Renal Cysts are ) has also been damaged due to Lovonox ( an injection for blood thinning ) I am on Warfarin and the Injections caused serious blood backup and screwed my L-Kidney up.

Thanks and I will answer questions if I can.


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    Are you my brother or something?

    I have been to both the Kidney and Prostate Rodeo and have  had about 8 Colonoscopys. Plus I had an Emergency Gall Bladder removal on New years Eve (about dinner time).  First the Prostate. A Glesson 6 ( per your Prostate post) should be taken out first. It is by far the easier of the 2  surgery's. I was recovered enough for The Gallbladder 90 days later. You got this. The Neph was 17 1/2 years ago and the Prostate last Fall The doctor may have a reason For the Kidney first. My Prostate was a Gleeson 8 pre surgery and a Gleeson 9 after Pathology.