Here we go again...

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So I can't postpone this anymore. I'm going in for the follow up CT on Friday. I had moved it as much as I could because of COVID. But I can't keep moving it anymore. It's time to get in the tube.


Frankly, I'm more concerned about COVID than the CT and its results. Although I went to the facility and they appear to have great procedures to control it. I've been feeling great and I've lost + maintained my weight. Still overweight, but I'm kind of leveled out. Which is a good...thing?


Anyway, since I can't go into all of the individual posts, I'm wishing that all of those that are new find strength and community here, just as I did. And asking for good vibes from all for another NED.  


Talk to you soon. 


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    Hope all went well

    Hope all went well with your CT scan. I''ve had a few medical appointments during Covid and precautions taken were excellent. It is a worrying time but stay strong and all will be well.

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    It went well!

    It went really well! That's a NED for me!

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    Way to go

    Congrats on the NED!Smile

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    Happy for you!


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    Yay for NED!

    Here's to many more!

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    Way to go!

    Way to go!

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