Urinating blood clots when does this stop

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I started urinating blood with clots a couple months before I was diagnosed with stage 4 RCC. It goes away after a few days and returns every 2 weeks or so or whenever I do something physical or lifting heavy objects. I believe this is caused by the tumor growing and needing space but thats just a guess. My question is does this bleeding go away after treatment to shrink the kidney starts? Has anyone experienced this as I am getting ready to start Sutent. Thanks!



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    Hi Tommy.  I hesitate to tell you what my husband experienced, because it isnt pretty.  He continued to bleed on and off until the tumor was removed a year later.  Even when the tumor started shrinking with one of the drugs, he still bled.  We had multiple visits to ER, and they catheterize him.   He also came home with the catheter on multiple occasions.  Renal cancer is very vascular.  Everyone is different Tommy.  But I certainly understand what you are going through.  

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    In my case-

    In my case, my blood in urine stopped after my surgery and the tumor was gone. 

    Maybe it'll stop for you if the Sutent shrinks the tumor - I'm guessing it'll depend on location of the tumor. 


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    eug91 was in my shoes, too

    I didn't even know I was passing blood in my urine. My new internist in 2006 ordered all the standard labs, CBC,CMP, UA and as an afterthought, when I mentioned a couple of symptoms, an ultrasound of the pelvis (bladder, kidneys, and liver).  Holy Moly--masses in right kidney and liver.  And yes, the surgery took care of the haematuria.

    Tommy, I hope surgery is in your near future.  Not fun but sounds necessary.

    Hugs to you and yours,