3 years scaniety

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It been a long time since I posted.  I still read along. Glad to see so many are doing well, and sad about the losses.   I just had my three year scans. Waiting on the results until tuesday is rough. Good karma and prayers are welcome. Does your doctor post the results on your online health chart before the apooitment or wait until your appt. Been having aches and pains since my scans.


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    It Depends

    Oh that was for my prostate. Your question Depends on the Doctor. No one way suits all.




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    sending you positive prayers and thoughts-

    My doctor used to post results in my online health chart before the appointment, along with little notes like, "Looks good - we'll discuss next week." That sort of thing. Though lately as I've gotten better at interpreting my own charts, he's stopped adding notes and just posts the results. 

    Good luck, angiebbby75! You've got this! 


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    Mine were posted

    I have my scans and bloodwork in the morning and meet with my doctor in the afternoon.  It's nice to get a full run-down of the scan results the same day.  This year, I got a notification that my scans were posted before I met with my doctor.  I don't know how you all do it when you have to wait.  I don't think I could handle it.

    Wishing you the best.


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    Bloodwork was posted within a

    Bloodwork was posted within a couple of hours this time, so I guess they didn't have many test that day as it's usually 24 hours.   Chest and CT go to the doc then he sends me a message with the results.

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    you were Stage 1, Grade 1, so you will be all right!

    Waiting for results is tough. My husband gets ultrasound, so the doc performing the test gives him results right away.


    Keeping fingers crossed, but am sure it's gonna be fine!


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    My results are usually posted

    My results are usually posted within 24 hours.  I like to read it before I see the urologist so I can jot down any questions.  And I agree that at stage 1/grade 1, this should be just routine for you.

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    Scans were not posted the day

    Scans were not posted until the day of my appointment.  Good news, all is well. Thank God. Three years NED. Still on annual scans.

    Thanks you for all the words of encouragement.

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    Congratulations! Had no

    Congratulations! Had no doubts about your good results! :-)

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    Since the Radiologist had to read and write a report...

    and send it to the Onc, I usually had a follow up-appointment 1 week after the test.  In the first 2-3 years, when a possible recurrence in a node was found, the Onc. nurse called with info immediately after receiving the report to let me know the biopsy or the PET scan were also positive.  By the time I saw the Dr., I already had made plans-in fact had scheduled a surgery with the department at OR Health and Sciences Univ. for the first  one; and decided to have the second one done locally.

    A few years later, I finally saw a Mental health specialist.  What I found out about myself is I don't like and have difficulty dealing with things that are out of my control.  And Cancer and the effects it has on everything you and family are sometimes determined by the turns cancer takes.  By now, 14 years later, I have had lots of tests-CT's, Chest X-ray/US, and follow up tests and procedures to rule out more cancer.  It's not "old Hat", but I try not to let it ruin my life.

    Sometimes dealing with the scheduling, feeling like you are at the mercy of the turn-over in the secretarial end of the practice, and the actual procedure itself are more annoying than waiting for results.  But I'm sure glad I've reached that point in my survivorship.  The original prediction at Dx was I had 5-7 months to live, if surgery could not be done.

    I'll take that any day.  I can only encourage you to discuss this with your Dr., a therapist, etc., Being anxious comes with the territory. How severely you let it affect you is your choice.

    With all best wishes and Hugs in today's no hug universe,