Well Heck! 12 years out and a CT is needed

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Hello To any that know me on the boards here and at Smart Patients.  The latter happens to be down at this time.


  Just a qiuck note.  My wife has been doing pretty good as anyone with stage 4 cancer can do.  But, now she is a nervous  wreck worrying about my situation.  Seems this new pain in my abdomin is in my liver and my tumor markers are up.  My liver is inflamed ,but I feel it can be any number of reasons why.  I will be having 2 CT scans  (neck to pelvis)  on the 23 of July to see what's going on.   I'm still pretty positive about what's ahead. Just trying to keep my wife that way will be the challenge.

Anyway, to those that know me on this boards. This is why I havent been on much lately. But, I will update as soon as I can. 

If any one of the "Smarties" happen to read this. Just pass it along.  I was going to message some tonight but the S.P. Site was down .

Take Care and GOD BLESS,



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    Hey Oneshot!

    Thinking of you and your wife Oneshot.   I hope you two are doing well.  

    Thoughts and prayers to you