Drug Costs Lotto- vent alert

CheeseQueen57 Member Posts: 933 Member

Just want to vent....I've been on the phone most of the afternoon trying to find a way to reduce my drug costs. I have a Medicare Part D plan through United Healthcare AARP (it sucks compared to my previous commercial plans). Although Medicare is great, the drug plan sucks. 

i currently am in the "doughnut hole" because of the cost of all of my drugs. That means I have to spend a little over $6,000 out of pocket ( I have about $1500 to go) to get to the next level. My afinitor costs $848/month. The generic would cost me $4,000/month (go figure, the generic is more than the brand name.)  Once I hit the Part D catastrophic level my afinitor cost is 5% of the total cost ($19,000). So once I reach the catastrophic level, my afinitor will actually be MORE money!  

My husband and I worked very hard all of our lives so i don't qualify for any income based assistance programs, but there's something very wrong with this picture. I just hope after all this money this damn drug works for a while. And from what I'm seeing, there's no one within our government who is trying to fix this. Just had to vent ladies.