Need direction with Hurthle Cell carcinoma diagnosis

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My wife (42 years old) was just diagnosed last week.   She had a mass on her thyroid for a total of about 18 months.  Her endocrinologist did 2 biopsies over that time and both were inconclusive.   Each time we were told  "We'll keep an eye on it".

She finally went to an ENT who said the affected lobe should be removed.   That happened on June 29th.   On July 7th, when we went in to get the sutures removed, we got the Hurthle diagnosis.   He wants to remove the other half immediately (July 16).   The results didn't get posted until 2 days ago, so we have 3 days to get second opinions/consults.    

An ultrasound showed the other half was clean.  There was one "suspicious" lymph node, but he doesn't have time to do the needle biopsy before the surgery so will "check it out" during the completion thyroidectomy.   She has 2 small nodules in her lungs that were identified prior to the thyroid surgeries, so we were told "We'll keep an eye on them".   

Since this is happening so fast, we are scrambling to find an endocrinologist or oncologist.  I'm worried that things are being rushed and she's had no pre surgery blood work or anything.  The ENT doesn't give us any information so we don't know if we can wait an extra couple weeks to hear more opinions.  Should the ENT finish the thyroidectomy or should we get an oncology surgeon?   Is waiting a couple extra weeks dangerous?   

Does anyone know a doctor that has dealt with Hurthle?    We live in the Detroit area and have contacted Mayo, MD Anderson, and a couple local hospital chains, but they wouldn't give a second opinion until they could see the images and test results, which were't posted until 2 days ago.   So, we have 3 days to figure everything out.




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    Hi vanryck,

    I know this post is old. I need a second opionion as well. What surgeon did y’all end up going to? Is your wife ok?