Bosniak Type 3 mass

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 Within the past week, MRI with and without contrast showed Bosniak Type 3 with nodular enhancing component, looks suspicious.

Of course primary doctor on vacation.  Got call from NP who is referring me to a urologist.

Has anyone had or heard of this.  I've done the internet research, but guess I'm looking for someone with actua experience.  My research says 66-75% change of being malignant, most of time whether malignant or not, surgiry is done.

What is life like after surgery?

I'm a widow for the past 4 years, after 43 years of marriage...I  this 4 years, I've had hip replaced, knee replaced and stents in heart.  Enough is enough.

Just looking for someone who has been there with the kidney.

Thank you all so much




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    Life after surgery is going

    Life after surgery is going to depend on a few different things.  The size and location within the kidney determine whether you would have a full or partial removal of the suspicious kidney.  Size and location will also determine if you have open surgery or minimally invasive (likely robotic) surgery.  I can only comment on small mass robotic surgery, as that's what mine was.  I was only in the hospital overnight, a grand total of 25-1/2 hours.  I had minimal pain, mainly just a slight pulling sensation from where the four or five incisions were made.  I needed no pain meds, but I have very High pain tolerance.  I took recovery slowly (I was 60 at the time, 4 years ago).  I walked every day, increasing the distance each day.  At about four weeks, I was back to light running on a treadmill and at six weeks, I started lifting weights (light,  then progressively heavier).  You mileage may vary on recovery time.  I will say this.....the recovery time for this robotic surgery was far quicker than for the two open abdominal surgeries I've had.

    Onecsuggestion.....if your MD/NP can refer you to a urologic oncologist, that might be a little better than a regular oncologist.

    Best wishes.  The folks here will likely add a whole lot more than I've said.  It's a very supportive group.

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    welcome remda

    Sorry you had to join us, but this is a great forum here. We know what you're going through, so we know you're gonna do great. We're here for you if you have questions or just need someone to listen. 

    I agree with everything BayAreaGuy wrote above. Fingers crossed for you that it turns out to not be malignant, but if surgery is necessary, recovery time can be quick. After I went home the day after my surgery, I never needed any of the prescribed painkillers and was only taking tylenol. My overly-wordy surgery experience is written here-

    Whatever happens, we're with you. You're gonna do great!

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    Hi Remda, welcome but sorry

    Hi Remda, welcome but sorry that you have to join us here. I had a 3.2cm Bosniac III cyst with a solid enhancement nodule and had it removed since 2016. Just had my 4th-year scan and glad that it is clear. The link below is a management guideline about complex cystic mass from the Canadian Urology Association. You can see that most of the cystic masses are indolent and less aggressive. You didn't mention the size, but the size and complexity are the most important factors to decide on a treatment plan. But at least try not to worry too much. All the best!