First folow-up after partial Neph.

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I just got the results from my first post partial nephrectomy (January 2020) MRI and all is well. Coupled with finding out a couple weeks ago that ,at 33 months post prostatectomy, I am still showing undetectible PSA I'm feeling pretty good. (Until the next tests are dueFrown)


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    Way to Go!

    We like good news.  Congrats.


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    Way to go!

    Way to go!

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    Great news! Keep it going! 

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    Hi Jeff!

    Glad to hear this news. Yes, it is kind of an up and down from one scan to the next, but just savor this up for now. Take care-

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    Great news!

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    Good to hear, Jeff

    I remember that first scan and hearing the results similar to what you got.  It's hard to describe the feeling--numb, relief, happiness, and a little disbelief.  Soak in the good news and have a little celebration with your loved ones.

    Take care--



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    Good News

    I have also been to both Rodeos. Neph in 2002 and Prostate 9 months ago.






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    I've been to too many rodeos.

    I've been to too many rodeos. Don't want any more. Glad to hear your great news though, and keep up the good work. It does get easier as time goes by. Takes awhile but you'll get there. 

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    Just enjoy the good news....

    Just enjoy the good news.....tomorrow is another day. Congrats!

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    Happy for you.  Enjoy life!