Question on ultrasound

Husband. 61 had a physical a week ago, they found a lump in his right testicle, yesterday was his ultrasound and pain shot up to his groin and around to his back,  pain was so bad when they were doing it that he felt like he was going to pass out and vomit, for the remainer of the day he was in pain in the testicle, got up this morning and was better but once he started moving around the testicle pain started up again, he received the results this morning and it was all clear. Anyone have this type of pain due to the ultrasound? Anyone with a false neg result in an ultrasound? 

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    HI Donna,

    HI Donna,

    Was there a CT done? Long story short, prior to being diagnosed with TC back in 2012, my primary doctor ordered an ultrasound because I had major abdominan and back pain. Nothing came out of it and she thought it was something minor (she prescribed centrum, which deals with stomack acids). Two months later, I started having terrible pain in my back and abdomen and I was having night sweats and feeling feverish at some point pretty much every day (but nothing in the testis, but I understand each case is different). I decided to see my doctor, she touched my upper chest and I though I was going to die of pain, so upon the realization that it could be something bad, she ordered a CT scan and it wasn't until then that it became clear that I had several of my lymph nodes swolen (the size of tennis balls). She then ordered a biopsy and received the diagnosis of seminoma, which was already at stage III.