NLPHL (mesentery) status & message of appreciation


I wanted to reach out and thank all of you on this discussion board who made my 'experience' with nodular lymphocyte predominant hodgkin lymphoma (mesentery area only) much better than ever expected...Max, ShadyGuy, Jeff148, po18guy, and other very supportive contributors. For the first 18 months after diagnosis (in 2015), I allowed cancer to control my life every single day. I would not make a plan to do anything or to go anywhere. Once I came out of that 'state of mind', I have been able to resume a normal life. Why do I share this with you?  If I learned one good lesson in this process, it is to do everything possible to prevent your diagnosis from being in charge of your choices in life. Continue to live your life and do the things you enjoy most. 

It has been 4 years since I received Rituxan infusions (no other drugs). I continue to see the oncologist every 6 months. I had a CT scan this past March which shows very little growth in the enlarged nodes since the prior scan 2 years ago. The plan is to resume with Rituxan should growth continue and if symptoms appear. I never had the B symptoms of unexpected weight loss or night sweats. I had cluster fevers, but never high temps. That has stopped. I truly believe that God keeps me on this earth to help others cope with cancer, to promote positive attitude and to NOT allow cancer to control your life. 

I have this posted in my kitchen: Never regret a day in your life: Good days give happiness; Bad days give experience; Worst days give lessons; and Best days give memories! NEVER STOP making memories!  God bless each of you with great health and much happiness! Thank you again for your wonderful support! - Mary


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    Your post is so wonderful, so appreciated.   Your kitchen post is wiser than anything one would likely encounter at Harvard.

    Please stay in touch,

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    Good to hear from you.

    Love your wise saying. Thanks!!