Mets to brain

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So...I just got results back from ct scan and brain MRI . I had 2 tumors remove in November and my December scans were clean. Today my Oncologist told me the ct scan was clean, but there were small white spots on my brain. He didn't feel that they were a result of metastasis . He wants another MRI in a month.

 Anybody have any idea what the spots could be? My Oncologist suggested maybe a result of high blood pressure.






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    You must be so anxious. But I

    You must be so anxious. But I would assume as an oncologist he'd be very familiar with signs of mets so the fact that he doesn't think so are encouraging. I would focus on that. All the best to you!

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    small white spots on brain are very common. I have them, in my case they are result of some kind of prenatal hypoxia or similar. They often are found in migraine sufferers or due to blood circulation issues. Due to my white spots I had to be monitored for multiple sclerosis for a while. But they stayed unchanged. So really no worries - it is extremely common finding and lots of healthy people have them. Your docs would definitely see a difference between a space occupying lesion ( a met) and a white spot, which is simply some kind of a scar on brain

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    Well I can appreciate your

    Well I can appreciate your concern about these white spots. Trust me, if the radiologist and your oncologist thought these were brain mets, they would know. 

    I have so many lesions on my brain MRIs that radiologists say, Too many to count! So yes, vascular/BP and other reasons can cause these white spots. 

    I would trust your doctors. But yet, I can understand how you feel!

    Sending you healing hugs, Jan