Vitamin K3 & Vitamin C IV Apatone Therapy


This is my first post on this forum.

Searching on google i found a lot of evidences about these two vitamins. '' The Association of Vitamins C and K3 kills Cancer Cells" they call this therapy ... Apatone

My question is ... has anyone tried this therapy? Reviews...Clinics... Laboratories?

In my opinion it is worth trying any other alternative therapy.

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    Does it help?

    Hi Joe,

    By the one paper I read it was unknown if it stopped the growth of Pca. Sounds like more testing needs to be done to determine if it stops or shrinks cancer growth. Here is the link I read

    To look at more reports I would stick with independant sources like the National Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, ect. If it was me and I was just diagnosed with Pca I don't think I would try Apatone to kill my cancer at this point.

    If you have Pca and want to post your info, age,psa#,biopsy results, ect. so we can share our experiences on what we have done for our cancers.  Lots of survivors on this board that have done various radiation and surgical treatments. Lots of good guys with lots info but we are not doctors but cancer survivors.

    Dave 3+4

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    Alternative therapies

    Hi there,

    It is very hard to evaluate the benefits of alternative therapies insofar as very few extensive double blind trials have been executed.
    It is also possible to mistake a fall in PSA and an extension of PSADT as evidence for a dimunition in the activity of the underlying cancer.
    If you are still in reach of conventional therapies like surgery, radiation, etc then I would go with those.

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