608880 die US last year from cancer

beat atc
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 10 trillion spent on virus in 6 weeks.I would say cancer should be labeled pandemic, just a opinion 


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    Much to learn about Covid-19

    I have learned so much about COVID-19 but the most interesting thing I heard was, they were over-intubating the patients and that is what killed them. I don't want to go out like that. since I am stage 5 kidney failure on dialysis (high risk) getting this virus would kill me. Another doctor talked lacking Vit C and D. and if you have these in your system, you might be able to beat this disease. Or at least.... lesson what happens to you. I am going to ask my doctor. This is a respiratory illness and it seems to attack more than just the lungs. They found the virus in the brain fluiid of a man they suspected to have an infection in the brain. Always much to know. much changing. They are opening up a few states based on their grades, which means how many infected, Wyoming has like one death or one case, either way they the first to slowly open back up.