CA125 question

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Hi all. 

I had my first recurrence in November last year. My first dx was September 2018. Stage 4B USPC.....

did 3 taxol/carboplatin, massive surgery and finished of with 3 chemotherapy. CA125 was 13. 

Now I’m doing doxil and carboplatin. I’ve had 4 rounds. 

CA125 was 160, rose to 180 after first infusion. Then 85, 65 and 45 after the 4Th one. My plates was very low (0,9 has to be min 1,5) so was postponed 1 week. New blood work. Numbers still too low, actually it fell to 0,8. :O And now it’s 5 full weeks since last chemo. But during that week, my CA125 declined another 9 digits to 35????? 

How long does chemo actually work in the body??

I’m taking a **** load of supplements. Could that do the trick??

I mean. I’m NOT complaining:) :):) But it’s just strange that the number declined from 44 to 35 when my chemo has been postponed for now 2 weeks....??