Hello Iceman, how are you?

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Hello Iceman, how is your recovery from the condition and surgery? I hope all is well with you and your family under the pandemic!


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    Still kicking

    Still kicking. Neph was 17 and 2/3 years ago. Prostate was 6 months ago. Gall Bladder was 3 months ago. I was told on Dec 30 that I would die if I didn not have my Gall Bladder out by  the end of the year. They waited  until 4pm on New Year's eve to start cutting. A lap turned into an open during the 1st inning. Surgean said it was the worst gallbladder all year for her.


    Now I got to worry about this f'ing virus being a low risk 76 years young.




    Still hve a buldge from tje Neph in 2002.






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    Great to hear you're well, icemantoo! Keep healing and stay safe! 

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    Stay safe 

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    Stay healthy, Iceman. You've

    Stay healthy, Iceman. You've been through enough. 

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    So glad to hear that you are

    So glad to hear that you are recovering from teh Gallbladder surgery!

    Let's stay home and stay everyone!

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    Take care of yourself

    Good to hear from you Iceman.  It's vital that we all take precautions as directed by the CDC and local health agencies.  By the time this is over, I'm sure we'll all know someone impacted by this virus.

    Be safe, everybody!


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    Good to read

    Good to read many are doing well stay safe everyone.