Interesting oral drug for FL and MZL

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I like the thought of not enduring chemo again. This could be real or just a flash in the pan. Time will tell.


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    new treatment

    A couple of years ago my oncologist retired. I was doing the 2 years of Rituxan at that time. When I had my first meeting with my new oncologist one of the things she told me was that if my follicular lymphoma came back there would likely be new treatments available for treatment. Maybe this would not be the one but it shows that research is on going.

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    This is excellent news!  I

    This is excellent news!  I was just diagnosed with Splenic marginal zone, just had second rituximab infusion.  I definitely responded to the first (platelets went from 25 to 128, and Hgb and WBC both up a point from low to low normal), but by just before the second treatment, WBC and HGB had dropped back to where they had originally been, and platelets down to low 90s.  We'll see how I respond to the second treatment.

    If anyone can relate their experience with rituximab for splenic marginal zone, I'd like to hear it.