Surgery can be soon

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Wherever you are I hope you are all safe. During these times my mom and me are more worried about my dad of course. Still we are taking all precautions we could do. Mom is taking distance, I am not travelling home. Of course docrors visits still need to be done. Blood work needs to be done but my dad will wait in the car until he can go. My grandpa is unfortunately not that smart... 


I know these are scary times but I wanted to write some good news. My dad told me that they wont add a monoclonal AB to his chemo. If you add it he cant be operated in the next 6 weeks. His tumor markers in blood seem to respond well to the chemo. So the doctors assume that the CT scheduled during Eastern will show that the liver mets decreased in their size. So of course depending on the CT they would like to operate him on the liver in the next 6 weeks. Hopefully it can happen but who knows with the covid bs.

My dad is also doing good. He is really tired but besides that he has no side effects yet. He just came home from his 2nd chemo which was again non complicated. 

I hope he stays that way. But it could all depend at the end not on the cancer but to the stupid virus. I am so tired of this thing. I want it gone...


Stay safe!



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    That is such good news.  IMO,

    That is such good news.  IMO, if you can get surgery before the peak of covid19, do it.  We know about it now so all precautions can be taken.   I had my surgery the end of Jan and had no idea about covid19 but thankfully I dodged it then and have so far.