Immune system and COVID-19

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Hi. I finished a course of 44 days of radiation therapy for Stage II prostate cancer in October. How soon until my immune system is back to normal?


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    RT and the CoVid-19 disease

    I think that recovery of the immune system is quick in PCa radiotherapies because it is administered in a way to minimize damage in surround tissues/organs. The radiotherapist defines the field of attack (isodose planning) to avoid risks from reflected radiation. In chemotherapies administered systemic the immune system usually takes one month to recuperate fully.

    One aspect of the immune system in combating the CoVid-19 disease is that it doesn't kill the virus but it kills those cells that have been infected by the virus, eliminating the infection for good. In fact, the action of the immune system in the lungs (where the SARS-cov2 is most active) can be so destructive to the extent of causing permanent scars in the lungs.

    Too much of the stuff can lead to cytokinesis (cytokine release syndrome) which can be fatal in serious cases. I recommend you to try avoiding any contagious situation with the virus by following the typical recommendations in washing your hands, avoiding crowded places and touching your nose and mouth.

    Best wishes for fast recovery from theRT side effects.