Considering resection


Stage 4 colon cancer since 09/24/19. full blockage in colon, spots on outside of colon, small intestine, and abdominal wall. Was surprised with ileostomy during original attempt at resection after a false negative on primary tumor during colonoscopy. would have to be chemo free for one month prior too and after surgery. just finished 11th round. Cancer is stable with no growth. Would like to reverse ileostomy and resection colon. Any one have similar experience? Did can we spread during down time?


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    Hello Gdavis

    Sorry you have found yourself here.  

    I am surprised that you managed to get through chemo with a full blockage. I presume they were able to remove partial blockage but not get a complete resection back in September. 

    We have several members who have had reversals, I am not one of them, so cannot offer any kind of advice in that area.  The forum has been running terribly slow as of late, so be patient, and hopefully some of the members will be back with their thoughts. 

    Stick with us and we will stick with you.  It is quite the ordeal.