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Going to go out on my own tomorrow and order extra markers, ca199 and LDH.  As of now I still have no idea if he ordered genetic markers, kras/bras, etc.  i hope he did.  We are going to have one serious visit next Monday for sure.  Last visit I told him about seeing a nutritionalist and gave him the blood work.  He wasn't happy at all.  I thought don't even try to bully me, I grew up in the ghetto,lol...Any way, hopefully the extra markers I am ordering myself will be of value and if he didn't order testing of my cancer after surgery I will have to figure out how to get that done as well.  Researching genetic and mutation tests.  Any thoughts?  


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    I found my doctors fairly resistant to sharing information about these matters.  When I started learning stuff about microsatellite stable/unstable, they provided some answers, but honestly, I never got a whole lot of information from them.  There are some on the board with advanced knowledge of these matters (not me).  Likely they are busy with the issues at hand, but hopefully they will chime in soon.  Best of luck in your upcoming appointment.

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    Its like pulling teeth!!!  I

    Its like pulling teeth!!!  I went out on my own and got some markers then find out that hospital where I had surgery could find nothing other than MSI test ordered.  So thinking onc ordered nothing more.  I hope its not to late for extra markers since I am on chemo again.  I will contact foundation one today or tomorrow to find out if I have missed that boat for potential info that could be of value now or later...Sigh!!!!