Thank you all!


Hi remember me the crazy Swede?

I just want to say thank you for being there for me when i really really needed it. I dont thnk i could have made it if you guys and girls didnt listened to one hysterical lady and gave me all of your wisdom. Im still hystericalSmileAnd trying not to think so much cancer and thats why you dont se me here so much but i read about you once in a while and get very happy when i see all the neds. I also am still ned both for breast, uterine and kidneycancer but i think in order to survive i have to kinda try to forget about it and one is hard enough but three in a year for an already crazy lady well my partner takes care of everything and basically tells me the same day i have something otherwise i wouldnt be able to relax at allSmileTake care you all and you all rock.



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    HEJ HEJ!

    Congrats on staying NED! You sound like you're in a much better place now, and that's AWESOME. Keep it going and take care! 


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    Three in one year is just too

    Three in one year is just too much for anyone. So happy you're NED for all. And your partner sounds wonderful! All the best to you.

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    Hey, that's the same three

    Hey, that's the same three cancers I've had! How ya doing, twin?

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    Three NEDs! yes yes yes. Take care -

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    Congratulations, take care

    Congratulations, take care and celebrate 3x the joy of NED, wish you alot more NED to come!