SBRT Side Effects?

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My name is James and I am a stage IV metastatic rectal cancer survivor currently in treatment for a metastisis to my upper left lobe of my lung.

I am undergoing SBRT for it. I've posted in forums I belong to for colorectal cancer but have not received any responses to my query, which I believe is due to the infrequency of people getting SBRT in the lung for that cancer. So, I thought I'd try here. I hope you all don't mind.

At any rate, I'm wondering what other peoples' experiences are? What is the window of time where the side effects--so far mostly fatige--get worse? How long have they lasted for you? Any other side effects I should keep in mind?

Thank you.




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    Hi James


    Hi James.


    I actually know someone who had this done on a malformation of arteries his brain. But it was only one dose, so no help there to you. Have you research this? I found this:



    I am sending you this as it is such a new thing to be used on the lung for cancer (I get yours is a met too) and how quiet this forum can be, you may not get a response otherwise.


    Sorry I have not been much help either. Please keep posting though. Your story will help others down the line.


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    Sorry I did not see this sooner. I am from the anal cancer forum and am only visiting here on a whim. 

    I was initially treated for anal cancer (different than rectal) 9 years ago. About 5 years ago I had an anal cancer met to my left lower lobe of my lung and had a lobectomy followed by chemo, then not quite 2 years ago I had another anal met to my hilum (the airway connected to the lung) on the same side. For that, I too had SBRT !! My initial side effect was fatigue and then a slightly sore throat. Sometimes it seemed that I was unable to get a really full breath but the more exercise I got, like going for walks etc., that got better. However, I do have a dry cough daily that is easily triggered by eating dry foods such as crackers or strong scents. Its now approaching 2 years since the SBRT and while the cough remains, my most recent scan was clear. I always have a water bottle or cup of tea near by as it seems to settle the cough issue. 

    Its scary right now with this new virus as one of the symptoms is a dry cough and thats my normal so am a little anxious that I won't know! Its a challenging time for all!

    I wish you well and hope your treatment has been successful with little lasting negative effects.


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    SBRT Side Effects

    I had SBRT in Jan. before chemo for small cell lung cancer.  The side effects I had were fatigue and rash on my chest where the radiation was aimed.  My doctor said it was like "ring worm" which made me laugh because I never thought of that as a side effect of radiation!  OTC Tinactin took care of it although it came back once during chemo.  I had a dry cough during chemo and the chills so I was worried about the virus, too.  Luckily, I can stay inside and my husband takes me for rides when I need to get out of the house.  Waiting on PET Scan results and praying for good news. Hope you are well during this crazy time.