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To All the Ladies on this Board:

  I wanted to respond to a post regarding "Remembering Pinky".

  I probably and most definitely was one of Pinky's closest and best friends on this Uterine Board.  She e-mailed me a few times in a WEEK and I returned ALL of her e-mails and we had a wonderful and very caring friendship.

  I have taken Pinky's death very hard in the beginning and the first couple of weeks for me were very, very difficult.

  Over the past few months, I have been doing a lot better and I am of the Catholic faith so Every Sunday, I say a prayer for Pinky at Mass.  

  I did send her husband money right after Pinky passed away and he used it towards a tombstone for Pinky's grave.  I also sent Pinky money while she was living to have a veyy nice dinner with her and her husband when she was very, very sick in February of 2019 (about 2 months before she passed away) and Pinky sent me a very lovely thank you note as she really appreciated my gesture and thoughtfulness and I have saved the thank you note as their is a picture of a Domestic short hair cat on the cover which my family hapeens to own a domestic short hair cat.  

  Pinky and I did exchange Christmas gifts since 2014 and she sent me some lovely and very unique Christmas gifts over the past few years and I sent her money so she could buy what she wanted.. I did miss her this Christmas and there is a Large Void in my life.   Thankfully, though I am blessed with a number of wonderful friends that are outside of the uterine board and feel very fortunate.

  I have spoken with Pinky's husband over the past few months (not recently though) and he mentioned his daughter and her husband and their children will probably move in with him in the near future and Pinky's husband had 5 children from a previous marriage.  I am glad and happy for him that he has his daughter and her family to keep him company and to be with him on a daily basis.

   Here in PA, we have had a very mild winter with hardly any snow. I know Pinky lived in Upstate New York and they have had a lot more snow than what PA had in a season's time. I am not sure about this winter's season though what upstate NY state had in snowfall though.

   The women on the Uterine Board are wonderful and have given me good advice and I so appreciate it.

   I had Stage 1 of UPSC and was diagnosed in February of 2011 so it is just nine years.  I still see my oncologist 2x a year for checkups and will have to go for tests for the rest of my life, but as you women know, UPSC is a very sneaky and aggressive cancer.

  I wanted to write this to let all of you women know my relationship with Pinky since I got to know her since April of 2013. I will always miss Pinky as she was one of my closest and dearest friends - although I never got to meet her in person though and we did over the years talk on the phone as well as very frequent e-mails.

  I do look on the Uterine Board to check posts on the various different topics on a regular basis.



a/k/'a Jane





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    Jane, thank you for sharing

    Jane, thank you for sharing the story of your friendship.  I think all of us know how possible it is to develop friendships with people we have never met in person.  Continued health to you dear.

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    It's good to know

    Thanks for the update. It's good to know that Mr. Pinky is not alone. It's stays with us when we lose someone we get to know here.