Microsatellite Instability in Colorectal Cancer


My husband (Stage II)  was found to have Microsatellite Instability, a genetic defect.  Colon cancer patients with Microsatellite Instability have a slightly better prognosis than colorectal tumors without MSI and do not have the same response to chemotherapeutics. 

This is relatively new information and means that genetic testing is vital for colon cancer patients.

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    I just posted a response to

    I just posted a response to another poster stating they're MSS.

    The significance with being MSI-H is that your husband has lots of options with immunotherapy.  So if something happens where he needs to undergo treatment, he's in a much better position than the vast majority of us.

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    Dear zx10guy

    Yes, and this feels quite odd because his cancer is among the 1% of the most aggressive adenocarcinomas, and YET because he is at Stage II, and has this genetic defect, there is a bit of a bright spot.

    This has been a roller coaster two weeks.  After the original January 3 surgery there were 27 'clean' lymph nodes, we thought he was done with cancer.

    Then the terrible news, a month later, that his cancer had invaded the wall of the colon and was 'at large' in his abdoman.  And his cancer is mucinous, signet ring features, plus, poorly differentiated, with lymphovascular invasion, all pointing to a high risk feature, with increasing risk of distant metastases.

    THEN, the MSI-H information from his oncologist, 5 days later.  

    So now it is watch and wait.  I can manage that.

    You are all so wonderful, and I hope for the veryy best for each of you.

    Just knowing you are here is a great relief.

    Regards, Elainehd


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    I Am MSS

    As you have found and ZX mentioned, MSI would be better for where much of the immunotherapy drugs out there and trials.  MSS still has a way to go.

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