Erbutix rash

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My erbutix rash was so bad that I couldn't sleep at all. I put cream on but that didn't help. Then I just took the hottest shower I could and after about 20 minutes the pain went away. Anyone else use hot water to stop rash pain?


  • Twinzma
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    My husband

    My husband would take warm baths with Aveno to ease the itch. Sometimes thought the rash would get so bad he had to go on antibiotic creams. He also used Benadryl anti itch cream which gave a little relief.

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    I listened to this the other day. i think it would be of value.  It a dermaotologist speaking on skin reactions from chemo and ther treatments.  
    she says the worse the rash, the better the treatment is working.  So you can hang your hat on that 

    good luck


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    Slighty different....

    OK, very different; but I got bitten by a Black Widow Spider back in the day. One of the many reactions was an all-over body rash. It itched like the devil and was unbearable.  I spent many a night laying in a bath filled with cold water, which was the only way for me to get some kind of relief. 

    You do whatever works works for you.