My mom was just diagnosed with metastatic nsclc

My mom is 71 yrs young and had nsclc back in 2017. She went thru strong radiaition. She was rediagnosed with metatstic lung cancer. This has spread to her hip (1 measuring 36x22 mm and other 32x9 mm) and the T8 vertabrea. She as been in chronic leg pain (for 6 months) and this was how it was caught on this new ct scan. She had the other ct scan done back in august. They gave her less than 6 months to live. They want to do palative care- 1 week of low radiation (To help ease the pain) and then put her on hospice. They are not doing surgery or chemo because she has copd, Vascular dementia (I think it's been spreading to her brain) and in heart failure.

I have been doing a lot of research about the radiation on the spine and it states she could have a heart attack and may need a feeding tube. It really does not give the quality of life as they state it does and people have past away approximately 3 weeks after doing this. (It also doesn't help that she has osteoperosis, too). Also, with her hip they could start hitting organs.

I had cancelled the radiation and now it's like they are pressuring me to get this done on her. I am very worried about the risks this involves. They tell me the risks of radiation are low but if we don't proceed that she could start loosing bowel control and get paralized once the tumor starts growing into her spinal cord. Either way, there are risks.   

Has anyone been in this stituation? Any feedback or opinions would be helpful. I'm very scared and just want to make her comfortable and pain free as much as possible and not put her thru anymore radiation. I think it would be to much for her


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    Sorry, i do not have any experience to share.

    Have you discussed you concerns with the doctors?