Stage 4 Rectal Cancer: Lymph Node Involvement

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Hello group,


Firstly so sorry that we are battling this dreadful disease.  I have been fighting since June 2017 with surgery in October 2018 to remove rectum and forced to have a colostomy bag at only 53!   I Recently had a scan and they noticed a few retroperitoneal or para-aotic nodes that have increased in size!  I have been off treatment since April 2019 & now this is now concerning me.

Has anyone out there dealt with lymph node involvement and if so, what was the outcome or can the spread be stopped by removal or chemo?  Just seeking some positve insight.


Thank you.



  • Trubrit
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    Hi Brad

    Sorry to hear about your lymph node spread.  

    When I had my initial surgery, they took 12 lymp nodes, 2 of which were positive. Thus I was not surprised when later they found metastisis in the liver. 

    I had that taken care of over five years ago, and so far so good. 

    I hope you get taken care of quickly, and all will be well with you again. 


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    I ended up with a couple lymph

    I ended up with a couple lymph nodes that were cancerous (near my lungs)  I had them surgically removed and by the next CT scan another one was growing in the same area.  The surgeon said he could remove it but I started Keytruda at about that same time and it irradicated the cancer in the lymph node.  I am MSS but have a moderate mutation burden which is why the Keytruda may be working for my cancer.