Second CT Scan Clear-NED

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Yesterday was the second CT scan following my husbands Colon Cancer journey. He had surgery and then 3 months of Chemo. He had a baseline scan directly at the end of his Chemo and now yesterday. Everything was clear/NED-no evidence of disease!! Bloodwork was perfect as well. Oh happy happy day. I did not know that I was stressed until we left and I noticed how light I felt. A weight has been lifted and we are enjoying a beautiful snow in Lake Ozark, Missouri. 




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    That is great news! Happy NED Day to both your husband and you!

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    Great news!

    Huge congratulations on your husband's NED!!! Life is much better with such wonderful news....



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    Congratulations!  That is real cause to celebrate.

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    Wonderful news! Here's to

    Wonderful news! Here's to bring NED forever!


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    So happy to hear your good news!!

    Enjoy the beautiful snow and peacefulness of you beautiful Ozarks! May every scan be NED!

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    Fantastic news!

    I think your husband - and you - deserve our Happy Dancing Men imageimage  Two, one for each clear scan. 

    May you both look forward to many years NED and put the Cancer journey into the file - memories. 


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    What a wonderful feeling

    You float from happiness. 

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    Wonderful Wonderful Results!!

    Wonderful Wonderful Results!!!!

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    Time to Celebrate

    It's definitely a time to celebrate.  That is wonderful news and I'm so glad that you shared that wonderful news with us. 


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    Great!! Happy for you!

    May we all end up NED.

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    Great news. Enjoy it and have a good time.

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