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 Hello all, I noticed that Butt has been missing from the forum, so I sent  a DM, I was told that I could  share the response with all of you...


I am on a trail from MD Anderson. No results yet. My recent visit there was very problematic. They made some mistakes. They were denying everything abd failed to control a strong pain while messed up my nerve.  i almost lost my life twice. And in the third occasion almost was left without an ability to walk. I got diagnosed with PSTD and they are dealing at home with my mental health. I am technically still employed but not really doing anything or making any decisions. My local oncologist is in shock. You may post on my behalf in the board. Butt. 

sounds like having quite the time of it...

Buttt, Wishing you strength, courage and a return to good health 



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    Thank you, PamRav

    Your reaching out to her is much appreciated.  

    I am sorry to hear of her problems. It is awful when mistakes are made, especially life or death mistakes, as well as life-changing ones. 

    I will keep her in my thoughts, and pray she pulls through. 


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    Decisions on getting into a

    Decisions on getting into a trial are so difficult.

    You hear about the miracles and are desparate for a cure.

    BUT, then you also see all the possible side effects, and they are unknown.

    How does one decide?

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    Whoa, I wish Butt the best.

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    So sad to hear that

    I decided to follow up at Mayo instead of MD Anderson.  I made several trips there .  Last spring I met up with another forum friend, Kadir who had been on a trial there.  He was in the hospital so I was able to visit him and he had developed jaundice from the treatment.  He transferred to a different hospital in Houston and I have not heard from him since. 

    After hearing this about Butt, I will not go back. 

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    I'm so sorry to hear of all that has transpired.  It's difficult when there has been missteps in a dianosis or treatment.  Thank you for the update.  Wishing Butt the best going forward.


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    Butt has been through it! She

    Butt has been through it! She's fighting hard. I hope she knows we are with her all the way.


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    I'm so sorry to hear this, I

    I'm so sorry to hear this, I'm keeping Butt in my thoughts and prayers.