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Hello! I'm still here! As most of you know I'm 3 years post auto SCT. I just received the results from yet another CT scan.  I now have them every 6 months. My oncologist mentioned changing to every 12 months, but with a blink of my eye we stayed at every 6 months. I think the CT News was good, however there is something going on with my kidneys. The Ct said extrarenal bilateral prominent pelvises. US ordered.  Ugggg
As hard as it is to stop worrying, I do have a beautiful 7 mo. old grandson that I watch 2x a week!! Life goes on!! 


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    Wonderful News!

    love those grandchildren!

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    WooHoo! Good to hear the latest! And what a blessing to not only be a survivor, not only to have a decent CT, but also to have a grandchild! Cause for celebration in itself. The rest, well it has to take a back seat to all of the good news.

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    Sounds like me. I was on track to go on the 12 month plan when I had a second bowel blockage in 4 months just before I saw my oncologist. When I did see her she ordered a CT scan and kept me on the 6 month plan. CT came back ok but a small spot in mt right armpit. When I saw my regular Dr a few weeks later she checked the area and did not find anything. So it may be a while before I get to the 12 month plan.