Lung nodules , when to worry ?

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In 2 weeks I will have my 2-year  scan after my partial nephrectomy... it has been a ride of emotions... I am still very scary every time I am facing this situation.  In my last 2 scans, they are mentioning the presence of very tiny lung nodules but "benign": 




7/31/19   Lungs and airways: Central airways are patent. Stable 3 no new or suspicious lung nodules. Mm nodule in the right middle lobe (series 205 image 221).




1/31/19 .  LUNGS AND AIRWAYS: Airways are patent. Noncalcified pulmonary nodules as follows measured on series 205 and compared to 8-2018 CT chest: 2 mm middle lobe image 249 stable, benign.




My nature always has been: attack every possible problem before gets bigger....that's the reason  I found the tumor in my kidney.....even that my doctor always thought it was just gastritis.  


Does somebody have an opinion on this?  Should I be worry? 









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    Benign--is a beautiful word.  Reading the definition solidifies the beauty of it.  For now--I wouldn't worry.  If they thought it was anything else, they'd say it on the report.  


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    Sorry you are going through scanxiety.  I think everyone here goes through it, along with their caregivers and family.  I think you have to find what might help you get through it.  My husband stays extremely busy and preoccupied with other things.  I guess that is what works for him.

    I dont really understand clearly what you have written as results.  I would want to know how many spots they are seeing, and are they changing in size?  I think that is how I would personally monitor them.  My husband hss a spot on his lung since 2012, but it has never changed, so we are happy that it is thought to be some kind of scar tissue.  The good news is that you are on the young side, i see the word benign, you are getting your scans done, and your old path report says clear margins.   I wish you the very best in the coming scans and that you will find peace of mind.

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    Key word: "benign". I would

    Key word: "benign". I would not worry. 

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    I ll try to stay positive

    Thank you for the feedback... I will try to stay positive... 

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    Lung Nodules are normal for everyone.

    In genera, 2, 2 or 4 mml lung nodukles do not signify mets  unless they grow between scans. 





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    Scan done

    Now waiting on the results.  Wish me luck

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    i had them

    as iceman said unless they grow i had them in one scan the next one is gone ....good luck 

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    I was told most people have

    I was told by my oncologist that most people have some little bits of lung crud, a lot of times picked up from everyday pollution, smoking, all kinds of things.  It's just that people don't get scans until they have something else wrong!  If the nodules don't grow, you don't have symptoms, and you see the word "benign," you don't have to worry.

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    Agreement with AliceB

    You find out lots of stuff out your other organs when you have a CT.  I have cysts in what is left of my liver, "Crud in the lungs"-your body build it's own protection from old infections, inhaled particles, previous injuries.  And because of previous surgeries to remove uterus, ovaries & appendix, then 1st cancer surgery to remove kidney, set of node, gall bladder and it's congenitally defective duct....add in the metal plate installed to pull my ribs together after kidney removal and the titanium screws that backed out and fell into the lower pelvis...all make reading a CT an exercise for the Radiologist.  The organs they use for marker points are not there, but there are lots of clipped off vessels that show in some regions.

    This all amounts to saying "Benign" is good.  Take it and go celebrate.