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EditEd. I need Prayers and advice my 21 year daughter is having some night sweats and back pain. I am scared!  The doctors refuse to do a CT scan. They said it was to risky for her age. I told them my history,  but they still only would do an ultrasound. It was all clear thank GOD.   But I’m still worried we have no answers. What should I do?  Mine was first discovered by ultrasound.  Should I continue to push for an CT scan. The stress is overwhelming for us all. How was your mass found CT or Ultrasound.


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    Does she get bad menstrual

    Does she get bad menstrual cramps?  At her age, it's more likely to be related to that.

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    Yes her menstrual is very bad

    Yes her menstrual is very bad she throws up and chest pain. But she has the symptoms outside of her time of the month. She has the night sweats all the time. I pray its something benig like that. 

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    Oh, Angie, I can relate how

    Oh, Angie, I can relate how scary it is to worry about children, especially if you have a certain medical history yourself. I sometimes drive myself nuts worrying about my daughter.


    But believe me - I am ALWAYS wrong! ALWAYS!!! All serious dangerous things I worry about are never true. It is always smth easy and benign.

    My husband's tumor was 2 cm, discovered on ultrasound. If ultrasound machine is a good one, they would see lots of small things. They can see a bit enlarged lymphnodes un ultrasound, which are rather small. 

    My husband's kidney cyst is 4 mm and is seen on ulrasound.


    These nightsweats are smth benign. Maybe stress?





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    I Had Both

    When I had microscopic blood found in a urine test, my doctor sent me for a CT scan that found a small (1.6 cm) lesion on my right kidney.  I was referred to Stanford's cancer center, where I was advised to do active surveillance on it.....basically, do scans every six months to see if the lesion grows.  That started in late 2013/early 2014.  Over the next 2+ years, they alternated.....a CT scan followed six months later by an ultrasound.  In April 2016, it was actually an ultrasound that found that the lesion had grown to 1.8 cm, small, but since it showed growth it was decided to get it out, which they did robotically in June, 2016.

    So, if you're just concerned about the kidney, the two methods are both good.  If you want a better look at more organs (liver, parts of lung, stomach, etc), a CT scan covers a wider area.  I prefer the CT because I've had some serious issues with intestinal twisting in the past, plus both my father and my paternal grandfather had aortas aneurysms, so I don't mind getting a picture taken of mine (and, thankfully, I seem to have inherited aortas genes from my maternal grandfather as there are no problems there).

    So, given the situation, I would keep lobbying for the CT, but if they only will allow an ultrasound, I would not be too disappointed about it.

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    Best wishes

    To answer your question, my husbands tumor was found by CT in the emergency room.  He was bleeding alot and because of that symptom they leaped to a CT to check out his kidneys for stones etc..

    I read your history, and it says that you dont have a family history of RCC.  I highly doubt your 21 year old daughter has RCC.  Her symptoms can be many things or a combination of things.  I tend to agree with the advice you were given to only do an ultrasound.  I think she needs an excellent internist who will continue to try to find the source of her back pain and night sweats.  Night sweats can be hormonal, and back pain from an injury can be quite severe and last for months.  An MRI of her back is a safer approach than a CT with contrast.  I also think its a good idea for you to consult with your oncologist about genetics and your concern for your children.  Good luck to you and your daughter.

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    As others said many thing can

    As others said many things can cause back pain and night sweats. I went to my doctor with complaints of night sweats. He ran blood tests on me to check for thyroid problems and a lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) test and also a chest ex-ray to check for swollen nodes.  This was to rule out lymphoma and nothing indicated that with the tests. Funny thing is, i was on a depressant and coincidentally started taking a second deppresant around the same time this started. This came to my mind after all these other tests were done. I stopped taking that med and the night sweats went away!! I told my doctor about this after the fact. If she has recently been put on a new medication, dont rule that out. Im not a doctor but im assuming they ruled out lymphoma and other things. I highley doubt its related to kidney cancer. I would think an ultrasound would show a mass and if it did they would do a CT to see if it was cyst or tumor. Maybe post the question in the lymphoma forum. Best of luck