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Hello Everyone!

I have completed chemo and radiation 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I have had orange colored poo for over a month. Any ideas what this is and if i shold be concerned?


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    Congratulations on finishing this "not fun" treatment! Yay!!

    Most of the time colored stool is due to something we ate (though its always wise to check in with your doctor)

    Think back to the past couple weeks...have you had lots of carrots, sweet potatos, even orange popsicles, soda, tea etc.??? Or maybe even one of the meds you took has this side effect. I know there are some new anti-nausea treatments that were not available when I was being treated years ago.

    Our digestive systems take a hit during this treatment so even more sensitive for a while so if you've had a fair share of "orange food" it makes sense that much was poorly digested and resulting in orange colored poo.

    Lets us know what you find out, and as I said, do follow-up with your doctor if this continues.

    Congratulations again...