CEA is lower!

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I know not to place much merit into CEA counts but we did get an encouraging number today. 26! I know that is still high, but what's made me so thrilled is in July when were were given the doomsday news Jim's count was 611. Opdivo is doing it's job THANK HEAVENS. I really am surprised though, since he is on it with Stivarga and well that drug stinks for long-term stability. Scans are in March so a lot can happen in between now and then. So grateful for this new drug, it gave us time! This summer we were told only 3 to 6 months before he met his demise, but he got through the holidays and on Saturday will celebrate the boy's 14th birthday. We are even discussing a road trip in March now! If i wish I knew who came up with this drug, if I would give them a great big hug!!! 

Oh and a little personal update from a proud mama....One of my Boys is in the Jr. Navy ROTC, he was given the rank of Cadet Instructor the highest rank he could have recieved! So thrilled he is doing so well with this!!!  


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    Wonderful news!

    So glad to hear that your dear hubby is showing some positive and hopeful progress! He has perservered through some brutally rough patches--congratulations to your son, well done!!

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    Blood tests like that can be beneficial to people that shows some type of result before.  I'm not a good indicator for that test as mine was always normal.  It's good to hear that it went down and the new meds seem to be working.  Sounds like positive news.


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    Good News is Good News

    Happy for you and your hubs.   And congrats on your son's achievement.  

    Here is some info on the drug.  It looks like it is helping Jim's immune system to fight back.  


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    Congratulations and here's hoping for continued good news!

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    Awesome to hear good news on

    Awesome to hear good news on here.

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    Great news!

    Long awaited and such a motivation to move forwawrd.