Are we having fun yet?

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Our family doesn't do anything by halves.  After 7 cycles of Folfiri/Avastin where my major side effect was fatigue, this last round (12/31-1/2) left me with severe ongoing bowel pain and diarrhea (pain still ongoing.)  We reached the point where my onc sent me for an emergency CT yesterday to ensure that there was nothing more nefarious going on.  There isn't.  No way I'm doing chemo next week as scheduled.  I need to recover from the last one first!

But in keeping with our family's "let's complicate life as much as possible" on Dec. 31, our daughter fell on ice and shattered her ankle.  She was in Tibet, so they couldn't do much, as she had just arrived at altitude, and problems from that made anything more than a basic stabilization quite risky.  Therefore, it took several days before it was even moderately safe for her to travel here for needed surgery.  She came home on the 7th, saw a local ortho on the 8th and had surgery to repair the multiple breaks yesterday.  Husband was with her for surgery while a friend took me for my CT scan.  I paid her a brief post-op visit, but then had to get home.

We have her staying in our main floor sun room (3 season room; not winterized) as she can't get upstairs to the guest bedrooms.  Life has been complex.

Her surgery yesterday went well, and she's about to leave the hospital to head home.  Meanwhile, I'm still in belly pain, wondering when I'll feel human again.  My wonderful husband is taking fantastic care of us.  

However, she and I are off to Mustique in the Grenadines in 10 days, where she is headlining at a major blues festival.  See

So that's the news that is the news.  At least I know I will be having fun in the warm sun and beaches!



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    Your post wore me out.  Allot of stress and pain writtent here. 

    I am happy to hear that your daughter's surgery went well, and I look forward to hearing that your belly pain has gone and soon. 

    How exciting to have a trip planned.  You will be a right pair of invalids, but I know you will make it fun.

    I will be sending the best of vibes for complete recovery from this latest bout of diarrhea and pain. 


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    You both are going through so much, and it sounds like you are both lucky to have a husband and father that is taking such good care of you both. 

    Hope you both continue to heal so that you are able to enjoy your vacation without any complications.

    It sounds like both of you, including your husband, are need of a much needed break from everything.  Hope you all have fun.


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    awww, sounds like you can't

    awww, sounds like you can't catch a break. I hope you and your daughter are feeling great by the time your vacation comes around, you deserve it. Kiss that wonderful hubby and tell him how much he is appreciated, you have a keeper.