17th PET/CT Scan

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Been living with stage IV kidney cancer for 6+ years now. Just had my 17th PET/CT.  New progression in soft tissues. Dang. So, Cabometyx out; Lenvatinib/Everolimus in.

I was on Cabometyx for only 6 months. It was tough: I lost 35 lbs, dropping from 170 to 135, making me weak and unsteady.

I'm looking forward to the short break before starting the Lenvatinib/Everolimus combo.


  • a_oaklee
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    Best wishes

    I wish you lots of luck on the new combo you are going to start.  My husband took Envirolimus back in 2012.  I dont believe they were doing combos at that time.  His bone mets and primary tumor quickly shrunk by 50%.  He was taken off of it to have surgery.  The medicine was much easier to tolerate than Votrient.  After surgery he has been on Inlyta since 2013 and doing well thankfully.  He has had every bone met zapped.  I wish you the very best on this new medication.  

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    nothing to add, but-

    Good luck with the new combo treatment. You've got this! 

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    Rhominator--thanks for the update!

    Sorry to hear about the cabo experience and the progression.  You're handling this news with such confidence.  I know you have a great team of doctors working with you on a plan.  I pray for better days where the cancer stops in its tracks and you gain those pounds back.  

    Good luck, buddy!  Stub

    (Have you been able to continue to work through the cabo experience?)

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    So sorry

    Praying hard for you and Doctors for wisdom.  

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    Sorry to hear this news

    It sounds like you and your docs have a plan. Best wishes and prayers for healing.