Hi everyone! Forgive my absence! Happy New Year!

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Hello old friends and newbies!  Wishing that the new year brings all good things, mainly health, love and peace!

I dont come here often lately but CSN is very present always on my mind.  I feel like Im living very very fast this last 10 months, Its difficult for me to even write a long message and make sense so forgive me!  Im here to wish everyone well for the New Year and to say I have not and never will forget how important and necessary it was for me and for my well being and how much it has served me today in everything Im living thru now, to have had CSN in my life.

I have been Ned for 5 years now.  My husband was dignosed last March with exactly the same size tumor, same kidney as me but in his case he had also many tiny mets in his lungs.  To say his diagnosis after I was really starting to live life again without thinking everyday of cancer is an understatement!  To make a long story short, he has had such an amazing attitude that we have been able to enjoy life and continue pretty much with life as usual, and his behavior has been contagious and beneficial for me, our kids, family and friends.

After 6 months on Sutent, his mets have almost all disappeared and his tumor shrunk and he is finally having a total neph on February 10th.  Sutent has been tough on him but has also worked very wel for him so far, with its secondary effects but manageble.  We will see what treatment will be given after the operation and we are hoping everything goes well.

Hugs to all old friends here!  Hi to all new ones!  I will come back with news of my husband next month.  In the meantime a message to the newbies: this network and many still here, others sadly now gone were my therapy and lifesaver when I really thought my life was over as I knew it.  It helped me have the strenght and power to deal with things when lighting hit  again with my husband's diagnosis.   Stick around!  You'll never regret it!   Bonne Anne!


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    your news make me so happy! Your husband and you are real fighters! It's fantastic meds are working. surgery will definitely improve the situation even more. So-so glad, good luck and keep us posted!


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    Happy New Year Marisa! Hope

    Happy New Year Marisa! Hope for you and hubby to do well. 

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    Nice to hear from you

    Glad the world is looking more rosy for both of you.


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    So glad to hear the treatment

    So glad to hear the treatment is working amazingly with your husband. I wish him a boring surgery! 

    Happy and Healthy New Year!

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    So happy the treatments are

    So happy the treatments are working for your husband. Wishing you both a very happy and healthy new year xo

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    Great news!

    Tell your husband to keep it up! Hoping for lots of healing in the New Year for him! 


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    I was thinking about you and your husband the other day

    I'm happy that the treatments are working for your husband.  As you know, for some people Sutent is the key to this cancer.  If he can continue to manage the side effects and the drug keeps working, he could be a long term user.  I'll be praying for an uneventful surgery on February 10.  Keep us posted.