Helo advice?


I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and my surgery to do a thyoidectomy was perfomed dec 4th.

The surgery was stopped because my vocal cord was not detected suddenly. So the surgeon wanted to wait on the other part of my thyroid.

My voice is ok thankfully.

But since surgery my one side of my throat feels odd when swallowing..maybe numb. I've had numbess on my right side neck..sometimes parts of that side of my head. Also sometimes a dizzy feeling. The other night my right rib started intense pins and needles..and tightness.

I called the doctor about the rib thing and he said muscle spasm. He is also saying my symptoms are anxiety.

I'm not an axious person and the numb issues are worse upon waking up then gradually get better. But they also just "happen". 

Does anyone know if this is normal recovery stuff or should I go back to my doctor and insist that he look into this further?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.