Starting 7 hour chemo: What to bring?

This is my first session of chemotherapy. It will last about 7 hours. what do I need to bring with me, besides reading material, lap top, water bottle? will I want food? anything else? Thank you


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    what about ear plugs/face

    what about ear plugs/face mask if you want to sleep?   They should have snacks for you, but you can always bring something as well.  I find that a blanket is too heavy to carry around as they normally will have them for you, but occasionally, I did bring one. 

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    bladder cancer

    Hi, my husband has stage 3 bladder cancer.  I am interested to know which treatment you decided on and how has the chemo helped you?  My husband is refusing chemo and/or radiation treatment.  Has the chemo killed all of your cancer?  How are you doing?