Happy Birthday Joan M

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I know that sometimes it is a struggle to celebrate, when you're not feeling on top of the world, but still I wish you a grand day, in any way you and your family can make it. 

May you be surrounded in love and joy, family & friends and I do hope there is cake, or something equally as enticing for you. 

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  • AnneO1965
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    Happy Birthday!

    Hope you had a loved filled day and Happy Birthday!

  • SandiaBuddy
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    I hope you make room for something special on your birthday!

  • Canadian Sandy
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    Happy Birthday Joan!

    Happy Birthday Joan!


  • myAZmountain
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    Happy Birthday!

    Hope you have a happy and love filled day!

  • Kazenmax
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    Happy happy Birthday! Enjoy

    Happy happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!


  • Annabelle41415
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    Wishing you a Happy Birthday, and hope you got to do something very special.


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    Happy Birthday

    Hope you had a wonderful day.


  • Melanie67
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    Happy belated birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!

  • Joan M
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    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!

    i had a great birthday!  And a "surprise" party Saturday after my birthday. 

    I haven't been on the internet much since my last chemo of oxaliplatin landed me in the hospital.  The oxaliplatin made my eyes really sore and light bothered me for several weeks.  I didn't start the xeloda until I was out of hospital and ended up only taking half of the prescription due to getting a sinus infection.  I had a great Christmas, but I've been really tired since then.  

    I'm finally feeling somewhat normal again and getting a reduced dose on January 13th - about half of the last dose of 377 mg.  I'm not looking forward to it.  


    I really hate oxaliplatin.  Hoping for something better to come along.  Praying that there will be some tumor shrinkage  on the next scan.